Buffered Coco Peat

With every passing day, human beings are vouching for sustainable ways to get a life free of harmful chemicals and other toxic products. Hence, the coco peat or coco coir has gained massive popularity as a perfect growing medium in horticulture. But there are several processes included in the coco coir treatment and without proper processing of the coco coir; it will create an imbalance in the proposition of calcium and magnesium in the soil. Among all the treatment processes, the buffering of coco coir is one of the main treatments done on the coco coir.


The process is repeated three to four times to get fully cleaned and buffered coir that helps your plants to grow in a healthy way. There are several uses of buffered coir and it is not possible to list them all. Hence, here are some best uses of buffered coir:
• Used mainly for transplantation of tissue cultured plants from the beakers to a perfect medium prepared over a tray
• Considered as one of the best-growing mediums in the Indian as well as International horticultural market
• The buffered coir is also used for propagating the starting of seeds and plugs.